Let’s Review Johnny Rockets!

Let’s review Johnny Rockets!

While in Las Vegas, there was one nearby and I figured why not knock out a #SaturChains review. They are one of the chains we do not have in town is Johnny Rockets. Would it be worth having one here? Let’s find out.

Founded in Los Angeles in 1986, Johnny Rockets is an American restaurant franchise whose themed decor is based upon 1950s diner-style restaurants. There are Close to 400 locations worldwide.

The location I stopped by was inside the Flamingo where we just happened to be. That particular location is a bit different from a standard brick & mortar.

For my stop, I ordered a Rocket cheeseburger with everything on it and fries.

There was absolutely nothing to write home about the fries. They were thick, dry and bland. It reminded me of the fries Burger King offers which are just as bad.

Next up, I jumped right into the burger and the best part of it was probably the bun which was soft yet firm. It held the burger together well. There wasn’t really anything special to the rest of the burger. It tasted like your typical fast food burger with nothing memorable to it. The single patty was about as thing as what McDonald’s serves. Overall, just a very basic burger that didn’t impress.

If I ever hear of Johnny Rockets coming to Wichita, I’ll be one person that won’t be excited to hear the news.

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  1. Johnny Rockets used to have a location or 2 in Wichita. Was in the late 80’s or early 90’s. After eating there, you discovered why they are not around here any longer.

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