Local Spotlight: No Cap! Exotic Shop

No Cap! Exotic Shop

A new local shop at 330 E. Harry has opened in Wichita that specializes in imported candy, snacks, chips, pops, and rare treats. It’s called No Cap! Exotic Shop. Similar stores can be found across the country and have been picking up popularity thanks in part to social media and videos apps like TikTok and YouTube.

No Cap! Exotic Shop carries treats from all over the world including Mexico, Thailand, England, Japan, to name a few.

Upon walking inside, the shelves are lined with various treats. Whether it’s Lay’s chips, KitKat bars, Doritos’s, Pocky’s, Oreo’s, beef jerky, it was very cool browsing around at the selection and different flavors you don’t typically see in grocery stores here in the states.

They also carried an endless array of Red Bulls, Fanta, Crush, Pepsi, Faygo, and other assorted drinks from all over the world.

A complete catalog of what they carry can be found online, but if you go in the store they are very helpful as well. Because let’s be real, unless you can read 10+ different languages, many of the labels were impossible to read.

I picked up a random haul of Skittles from Great Britain, key lime pie Oreos from Asia, Tom Yum flavored pretzel sticks, and other chips and drinks. The kids really enjoyed taste testing everything. It was fun seeing their expression as they took the first sip or bite. I’ve always been a believer than experiencing food should be fun, this definitely makes it fun.

No Cap Exotic Shop is located at 330 E. Harry. For more information, check them out on Facebook or visit their website.

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