Long John Silver’s now featuring Norway lobster bites

I typically only go to Long John Silver’s during Lent, but they recently brought back their lobster bites for a limited time.

The appetizers are made with wild-caught 100-percent Norway lobster tail. It’s advertised as pairing the sweetness of lobster tail with a light, buttery breading. A lobster bite tail pack runs $3.99 and comes with any dipping sauce you’d like.

I asked them to toss in whatever sauce they recommend, and they threw in some cocktail sauce.

The bites themselves were a little bigger than I saw in some of the advertisements. While my expectations were low, they did have a very mild lobster taste. The breading had a crunchy texture and a stronger buttery flavor that kind of took away from the lobster.

As far as fast food appetizers go, they weren’t bad at all. They reminded me of something you’d find on a bar menu under the fried food section. At $3.99, it wasn’t a bad deal at all and something different that could be a good upsell item for Long John Silver’s fans.

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1 thought on “Long John Silver’s now featuring Norway lobster bites”

  1. Last time these were not lobster but lagistino which is closer to crab and it was not butter but margarine. Is it still the same?

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