A look back at Wichita’s new restaurants and food trucks in the summer of 2021

With fall’s arrival, I thought it’d be great to look back at the openings that took place over the summer. There’s so much news and content out there that sometimes you may not know a place opened, or perhaps you simply forgot about it. Let’s cover some notable openings during the summer of 2021. As always, you can also browse my Food & Booze Directory for all the deliciousness available in the Wichita area.

Albero Bistro (2684 N. Greenwich): One of the most anticipated restaurants was the sequel to the popular east side Albero Cafe. Pro-Tip: Get the tiramisu.

Andaluz Bar (2106 N. Amidon): Offering a mix of European and Mexican food, one of their prize dishes is their classic English breakfast.

Alzavino Wine Tavern (1001 W. Douglas): Located in Delano, this wine tavern offers a self-serve wine station so you can pour your own wine in increments of 1, 3 and 6 ounces.

Better Yet Coffee (2721 E Central Ave): The owners of Little Lion Cafe rebranded their ice cream shop to what they hope can be a coffee shop that’s just as popular. You can find them at Revolutsia.

Birria TJ 664 (803 N. West Street): From the creators of Tacos TJ 664 comes the newest restaurant offering all things birria.

Caffe Americana (4600 W. Kellogg): If you’re shopping inside Towne West Square, do not forget to stop by Caffe Americana for a cup of brew.

Chucherias Y Mas (2909 N. Broadway): If you’re driving down Broadway, you’re sure to find plenty of Mexican food trucks. This is one definitely worth stopping by.

Clutch House (524 S. Seneca): After Tight Ends Bar & Grill’s franchise agreement expired, owners decided to rebrand the restaurant and put in their revamped concept called Clutch House.

Green Olive Family BBQ (4520 E 47th St S): The Mediterranean restaurant used to be out west, but relocated to the southside and rebranded themselves to also include BBQ to the menu.

HTeaO (1280 N. Tyler): The tea house in west Wichita has taken the city by storm with long lines wrapped around the building.

Local Flavor Grill and Tapworks (5400 E. Central): One of my favorite new restaurants this summer, they offer a mix of BBQ, Mexican and other classic American dishes. Pro-Tip: Get the smoked wings.

Los Cunados Mexican Restaurant (4559 N. Woodlawn): Bel Aire finally got a new restaurant in the former Bob & Luigi’s space when Los Cunados opened this summer.

Mami Tere’s Mexican Kitchen (3088 W. 13th Street): You can find this Mexican restaurant on 13th street in the same strip center that used to house Byblo’s.

Mr. Miyagi Japanese Grill (3920 E. Harry): Many social media groups have fallen in love with this restaurant. There’s good reason why too.

Social Tap Drinkery / Sungrano / Wheatly’s (4510 E. 19th St.): One of the newest places to hang out at is Social Tap Drinkery. They offer many beers on tap and even house two restaurants inside serving pizza (Sungrano) and burgers (Wheatly’s).

Sweet House (701 E. Douglas Ave): Located in Union Station, Sweet House introduced the city to Hong Kong-style bubble waffles.

Tacos Y Burritos La Guera (1547 S. Oliver): Owners purchased the southside Ricos Tacos El Torito food truck and put their own spin on it.

Taqueria Las Tres Nenas (6600 W. Central Ave): You can find one of the city’s newest Mexican restaurants in the former west side Green Olive location.

The Big Nerd (Food Truck): Want a little personality with your food? Check out The Big Nerd who offers tacos and burgers on their menu.

Travieso’s Food Company (Food Truck): The taste of California and fries loaded with extremely flavorful toppings have made it to Wichita courtesy of Travieso’s Food Company.

Vella’s Exotic Egg Roll Food Truck (Food Truck): Vella’s takes egg rolls to an extreme like never seen before with their inventive egg roll creations.

Happy Dining

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