ShowerUp provides hygiene and hot showers to the homeless community

ShowerUp Wichita

Three days a week, you may see ShowerUp units around town providing free showers and hygiene products to the homeless community in Wichita.

Like many cities across the country, there are resources for the homeless to get meals, clothing and other necessities, but what about basic hygiene? There are very few places for the homeless to get something many of us take for granted for and that’s the reason why ShowerUp exists.

The goal of ShowerUp is to provide basic hygiene utensils, showers and sleeping bags to the homeless community in Wichita. The mobile units have a suite that provides a private shower with a sink, bench, and place to change and a locking door. Toiletries, towels and anything else a person may need are also provided.

There is no time limit for anybody who comes to one of the ShowerUp mobile units. On average though, they can usually help 8 people over the course of an hour.

Currently, ShowerUp is out every Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday.

To learn more about ShowerUp and find more ways to either help out or donate, visit their Wichita website or Facebook.

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