Trying out the new Himali Eats menu additions

Wichita is short on dumpling restaurants. That’s why when Himali Eats first opened late last year, I was stoked to check it out. It was fantastic and nine months later, the restaurant specializing in dishes from Nepal, Tibet is ready to bring some new additions to the menu.

3238 E Douglas Ave, Wichita, KS 67208

Wednesday – Monday – 11am – 8:30pm
Closed on Tuesday

Cash/Card Accepted

The two new additions to their menu include the Nepali street noodles and chicken curry which come in two options: Nepali chicken curry and butter chicken curry. The noodles were $10 and the curry dishes were $10.99.

We dropped in to try both dishes out. For the curry, we had the Nepali curry noodles.

The Nepali street noodles were fantastic. There was a firmness to the noodles to give it some texture, and each bite had a strong smoky flavor that was excellent.

Then there was the Nepali chicken curry which I couldn’t decide if I enjoyed more as both were fantastic. The curry had a distinct traditional curry taste but had a bit more tomato-ey zing to it. It was hard to describe but something I couldn’t get enough of.

I felt obligated to get some MoMO. It’s a type of dumpling that’s popular in Nepal. The dumplings which have a similar appearance to Chinese dumplings have different spices inside them to offer an Indian-style flavor to it. Every single dumpling is handmade which can be a tedious and time-consuming process but immensely better than the frozen dumplings found all over town.

We had the Chilli momo which was stuffed with red onion and bell pepper covered in a sweet and spicy sauce. The flavors were much more potent and plentiful than I recall. Their sweet and spicy sauce had a bit more kick and longer lasting flavor in your mouth. I very much enjoyed every bite.

I remember going on the first day. They said their plan was to keep things simple with mostly just dumplings on the menu. Once they were able to accomplish that and satisfy customers, they planned to slowly introduce diners to other Nepali offerings. Now is that time and now is the time for you to give it a shot if you haven’t.

The food was delicious and definitely worth adding to your list of restaurants to try.

Here’s the menu:

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