The worst frozen meal I’ve ever had

Don’t ask me why. I wasn’t drunk or under the influence of anything. One day, I was browsing the frozen meals at Dillons. I was looking for something interesting to blog about, but little did I know what it would be on.

For long-time readers of the blog, you’ll know I’m a huge McRib fan. That time of the year is coming soon. So, when I saw a frozen meal that was barbecue sauce and 6 boneless rib shaped patties, I was all over it. My thinking was this could be the perfect meal to get my appetite ready for McRib season. I was wrong…

The frozen meal from On-Cor, who I’ve never heard of, was two for $6. The boneless rib shaped patties had 0g trans fat, which was a non-factor for me. But the circular red ad stating “Good Source of Protein” was HUGE in my decision. I mean, 8g of protein per serving. Are you out of your mind!?!?!

I purchased the meal, set my oven to 375 and let it cook for 45 minutes. Here’s the end result.

The barbecue sauce tasted like warm ketchup that was watered down and had been sitting outside for weeks. And no, I’ve never had watered-down ketchup that was left outside, but that’s my guess.

Even worse, the patties had the weirdest texture. It was very tender which caught me off guard. The patties weren’t firm at all. They were so easy to cut into, I started to wonder if I was really eating silly putty. And even worse, they tasted horrible. So bad, I can’t even get the taste out of my mouth right now. It was easily on my top ten list of the worst $3 I’ve ever spent on food. The worst being the half-priced deviled eggs I purchased on clearance at a gas station in Parsons, KS.

Do as I say, not as I do. Don’t buy this meal. 

Happy Dining,

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1 thought on “The worst frozen meal I’ve ever had”

  1. This post had me dying laughing……. I can’t even. Some things look like you should not even be consuming and I believe that this was one of those items.

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