My Daughter’s Five Favorite CoComelon Nursery Rhymes

My life has changed a lot (for the better) over the past couple of years. An afternoon after work is no longer spent watching reruns of SportsCenter. It’s all surrounded by picking up my daughter, getting her fed, situated at home and turning on CoComelon.

Perhaps you’re like me and never heard of CoComelon until recently. I didn’t even know about it until 4-5 months ago. I’ve heard of the word before, but never took the time to figure out what it was. Then one day, I randomly turned it on and she went nuts… I blame daycare!

So, what’s CoComelon? It’s a YouTube channel and streaming media show. It specializes in 3D animation videos of both traditional nursery rhymes and their own original children’s songs. Little to my knowledge, it’s the most-viewed YouTube channel in the United States (and in our house). CoComelon is also the most-subscribed children’s channel in the world and the second most-subscribed channel in the world. It’s also a mainstay on our Netflix account.

After watching it on repeat for an embarrassing number of days, there are some songs that rise up above the rest. In my daughter, Emery’s honor, here are her five favorite CoComelon nursery rhymes.

1.) Wheels on the Bus

Nothing gets my daughter going more than ‘Wheels on the Bus’. When she gets upset in the car, I can turn this on and she’ll immediately forget everything that’s going on around her and starting spinning her arms like the wheels on a bus. She has all the hand movements down. It’s to the point, mom and dad are FORCED to do it to. Seriously, if we are sitting on the couch, she’ll say, “No phone” and wait until we spin our arms too. This is what has become of my life.

2.) Baby Shark

Fast-forward to the 17-second mark on the video and you’ll see the most awkward dancing by the mom and dad in the video. Yet when I do it for my daughter, it seems to bring her the most joy. I cannot wait to be forced into more awkward dancing in the future. This is another song, she loves to do the hand movements to.

3.) Yes, Yes, Yes Vegetable Song

I despite this song. Not because of the message it sends, but because it gets stuck in my head so easily… and not just for an hour, but for days on end. But for my daughter, she loves to sing the kids parts when they say, “yes yes yes” or “yay yay yay”. She knows maybe 10% of the song, but makes sure you know it when she starts to sing out loud. It’s so cute. By the way, this song does NOT help you get your kids to eat their peas. False advertising.

4.) Please and Thank You Song

While my daughter can sometimes look like she’s been possessed by the devil, there are some adorable moments. She’s very good at saying “Thank you daddy”, “Thank you mommy”, and “Please”. Anytime during the song, the baby says, “Hmmm”, she loves to re-enact that scene. I can watch this video all that just for that.

5.) ABC Song

This is probably the last of her favorite sing-a-long songs even though she only sings along from letters C to E. I need to work on that.

What are some of your kids favorite CoComelon songs? If they aren’t CoComelon fans, I don’t encourage that you start.

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