An evening of terror at Field of Screams

Field of Screams

It’s been over twenty years since I last visited a Haunted House. It was the one thing I wanted to do this Halloween season. Furthermore, it took some persuading to get some family to go, but my wish was finally granted when we spent an evening at Field of Screams. It was probably the highest recommended haunted house in town which put it at the top of my list.

Field of Screams is located at Prairie Pines Christmas Tree Farm at 4055 N. Tyler Road. The haunted house runs the final Friday in September and then every Friday and Saturday in October, along with a select number of Sundays. Prices, which can only be purchased online, ranged between $17 and $25 depending on the evening you went.

Upon arriving at our ticketed time, we had to go through security, which was a breeze. Some rules did apply. Here’s a list of things you cannot bring.

A tractor then took us to where the Haunted House was located.

From there, we waited in line for roughly thirty minutes.

While we waited, a cast of characters were walking around providing some extra fright and keeping the vibe alive (or in this case dead… muwhahaha!!!!!!!)

Once inside, it was thirty minutes of fun, at least for me, it was. I was loving every second of it. Watching the kids tiptoe in fear, crowds yelling, not knowing what was lurking around the corner, loud noises and darkness everywhere, flickering lights, it was everything I had been waiting for.

I won’t ruin the surprises, but Field of Screams was well worth the money.

Getting through the entire Haunted House took around 20-25 minutes. By all accounts, the family enjoyed it. Hopefully, enough that we can turn this into a future family tradition.

Field of Screams is located at 4055 N Tyler Road where Prairie Pines is at. To learn more about them, visit their webpage or Facebook page.

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