First Look at El Ricardo’s Mexican Food second location

Over the past couple of years, it’s been a Rene’s, Chiru’s and Latin Mexican Restaurant. The latest restaurant to take over the 9310 W. Central space may be familiar to some. El Ricardo’s Mexican Food recently opened there. Their original location which is still open can be found at 503 N. West Street.

9310 W. Central Ave, Wichita, KS 67212

Monday – Thursday: 7am – 12am
Friday – Saturday: 7am – 2am
Sunday: 7am – 4pm

Cash/Card Accepted

I decided to swing by over lunch because they offer a dollar taco Tuesday special. Their second location is pretty much the same as the original.

With the taco special, I went with eight tacos: two adobada, two lengua, two carne asada and two carnitas. Be sure to ask for their guacamole salsa, there’s so much flavorful heat to it. It’s one of my favs in town.

As for the tacos, they were hit and miss for me. Some I enjoyed, while others not so much. The lengua and carne asada were two of the better meat options. It wasn’t overly greasy or fatty. Unfortunately, the adobada and carnitas were dry and lackluster. There just wasn’t much of a flavor to them. The salsa did salvage the tacos, but I would have been better off just ordering more lengua or carne asada tacos.

But for a dollar each, they were satisfying enough and filled me up for the money I spent.

Their dollar taco special is available all day on Tuesdays. If you’re in the area, it couldn’t hurt to give them a try. At the moment, I think the West Street location is better. But over time, perhaps this location will work the kinks out.

Here’s their menu:

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