Gaga’s Grub tacos returns in the form of pop-up dinners

For years, Gaga’s Grub roamed the streets with their food truck dishing out loaded tacos. After running the food truck, owner Dustin Presley moved on with his first brick & mortar location where he sold all-you-can-eat tacos along with his multi-course blind dinners.

In late 2020, Presley shut down operations and moved to Oklahoma.

This summer, Presley returned to Wichita and reopened his blind dinners, P.M. Sessions at the Dawn, at 650 N Carriage Pkwy which are still going on.

And now, the much loved tacos are the latest return which can be found via random pop-ups in Wichita. His first one took place at The Shamrock Lounge. I stopped by to check it out and they were just as I remembered them.

At $3 a piece, they were about as filling as 2-3 tacos. He had many familiar toppings like his chicken and pulled pork along with possibly the most creative and inventive sauces in Wichita.

I’m told his next popup will take place on Tuesday, Oct. 12 and Nov. 2 at Hopping Gnome from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. In the meantime, you can also book his blind course meals via his website:

Here’s the taco menu:

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