Where to get hot cocoa bombs in Wichita | 2021

Last year hot cocoa bombs took the city by storm. Everybody was selling them, everyone was wanting them and social media went berserk with photos of the warm fall treat.

So, what are hot cocoa bombs?

Hot cocoa bombs (or hot chocolate bombs) are balls of chocolate that have a delicious surprise inside. Place a chocolate sphere in your mug and pour over hot milk or water to melt the shell and release the hidden hot cocoa mix and marshmallows. They can be made simply as traditional hot cocoa flavor, or with all sorts of add-ins like mint chocolate, peanut butter, and more.

With fall’s arrival, some of you (or your kids) will probably be asking where to get them. I’ve put together a list of places and home-based bakeries that are now offering them. Check it out.


Food Trucks/Mobile Vendors

Home-Based Bakeries

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