Let’s Review Sam’s Club!

Let’s review Sam’s Club!

Everybody is probably familiar with Sam’s Club and many of you are probably card-carrying members of the membership-only retail warehouse club that’s owned and operated by Walmart. With three locations in Wichita, it’s the retailer our family has a membership to due to its accessibility in town.

While Sam’s Club is typically known for their ability to let shoppers purchase in bulk, the one area you don’t have to worry about that is the cafe. It’s a simple restaurant within the store that sells pretzels, hot dogs, ICEEs, pizza by the slice or whole ones, sundaes and more.

It’s an extremely affordable option for families who want to grab a bite to eat while at Sam’s Club. Most of the menu runs under $2.

For my visit, I went with a pizza, hot dog, and berry sundae. I received all of this for under $5.

The pizza by the slice they gave me was essentially two regular slices. I had their supreme, which had plenty of toppings to go around. Listen, I’m not going to try and sell this as the best pizza in town. But for grocery-store style pizza, it’s pretty good. They don’t skimp on the toppings, there’s plenty of cheese to go around and it’s typically fresh as the cafe area is busy with customers ordering the same thing. On top of that, the hot dog is thick and possibly just as filling as the pizza. Granted, I could have done without the berry sundae as the berries tasted very artificial which took away from it.

But for under $5, I had quite the feast that I was satisfied with. Sam’s Club isn’t somewhere I’ll go out of my way for to eat, but if I’m there, I’m not opposed to grabbing a bite to eat in the cafe area.

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