Let’s Review Wahlburgers!

Let’s review Wahlburgers!

Starting in Hingham, MA in 2011 by Paul Wahlburger and his brothers Donnie and Mark Wahlburg, the casual burger restaurant has grown to roughly 50 locations worldwide. The closest one to Wichita can be found in Lawrence, KS. Many people may also be familiar with the reality show called Wahlburgers based on the restaurant.

For the purpose of this blog, we visited the location on Las Vegas Boulevard. It’s the only one in Vegas and was packed when we dropped in for lunch.

To start our visit, our group of eight began with a round of bloody mary’s and appetizers. The fried pickles and Wahlbites were good starts; not overly salty and just simple good apps to share with a group of people. The bloody mary’s, however, were some of the blandest we’ve had. There wasn’t any kick, spice, or anything to it. It tasted like a very basic bloody mary mix.

When it came to our main entrees, we had a mix of tots and fries for our sides. The tots were fantastic; they were incredibly crispy. Meanwhile, the fries were some of the worst in a chain; dry, flimsy with every bite making you wonder if you lost your sense of taste.

Our table of eight all ordered burgers, of which a few can be seen below. I had the Fiesta which was two beef burger patties dusted with housemade Southwestern spice rub, pepper jack cheese, fresh jalapenos, lettuce, housemade smoked pepper salsa, chipotle mayo and pickles.

The consensus at the table was pretty similar. There wasn’t anything special about the burgers. Everything tasted uninspired, if that’s even a proper way to describe how food taste. It was like everything was precooked and waiting for people to come order the food. We didn’t have any expectations going into Wahlburgers. It was all our first time checking it out and nobody walked away impressed.

We’d definitely put Wahlburgers on the lower end of chain burger restaurants.

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