A lumpia food truck has reopened in Wichita!

Lumpia is one of the dishes in town that you don’t see too often. At one point, there were some food trucks that served the dish, but over the years, they all closed making the traditional Filipino dish harder to find.

Fortunately, we can now welcome back the Lumpia Lady who last operated in 2019. The food truck made their triumphant return this week and brings more visibility to one dish everybody ought to try at least once.

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Lumpia Lady serves a more traditional lumpia. Theirs is made with pork. If you’ve never had lumpia, it’s similar to eggrolls. They are made with spring roll wrappers and stuffed with a protein, shredded carrots, green onions and a blend of Filipino spices. They are then deep-fried and best eaten with a sweet Chile sauce.

They were fried right on the spot. It’s best to make sure you eat them soon, as that’s the optimal time to enjoy the lumpia. Don’t let them sit around all day.

Lumpia Lady’s wasn’t as greasy as some other lumpia I’ve had over time, which was a nice plus. I loved how all the ingredients blended well together. It had a nice consistency to it with no flavor overpowering the other. It made for a light lunch as well.

Their opening day menu had three more items. Asian nachos which were made with wonton chips, nacho cheese, BBQ pork, black bean and corn salsa, sour cream, chicken fried rice, and lumpia embutido.

What you say below is just a half-order of the nachos. I wanted to order everything on the menu, but knew it’d be too much food. Imagine eating a stuffed pepper with black beans, corn salsa, pork and more. This was exactly that, but on wonton chips, which were a perfect alternative. I should note, the BBQ pork was sweet, so you’re getting a mix of sweet and savory into one bite.

The chicken fried rice was also really good. The rice itself reminded me a bit of dirty rice in terms of flavor. It also required no soy sauce or additional condiment; this was good served as is.

Then the lumpia embutido was larger than a traditional lumpia. It was about the size of a thick Chinese egg roll. Embutido is a Philippine meatloaf made with ground pork. Lumpia Lady stuffed it with embutido which ended up being much sweeter than the traditional lumpia. There was certainly a meatier texture to it and much more filling.

Seriously, everything we had was fantastic. It’s also a fairly affordable meal. Six traditional lumpia runs $5, but you definitely have to order something extra to get the full experience.

Be sure to follow them on Facebook to see where they’ll be parked next.

Here’s the menu:

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