Maize high school students hosting Blue House Burgers pop-up

A restaurant concept that’s part of the culinary application course at the Maize Career Academy is hosting a burger pop-up called Blue House Burgers. It’s a cool setup that’s hosted and ran completely by the students. They take the orders, prep the food, cook it, package it and serve it out to diners. All profits from the restaurant benefit students through scholarships and travel opportunities. But most of all, it gives the kids some insight all the hard work it takes to be in the restaurant industry.

Blue House Burgers is open Tuesday through Friday from 11:15 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at 109 W. Academy Ave which is right across the street from MOXI Junction.

I stopped by to check it out. I arrived a bit early and the kids were getting everything prepped and ready to go. It was fun listening to them converse with each other, asking where items were at, getting the online orders written out, and all the hectic craziness that goes on before any opening.

Their menu consisted of two different burgers, a Blue House Classic and a Blue House Breakfast, fries, loaded fries and a chef salad. Bottled water and milkshakes were also available. Orders could be placed in person or online.

Once they opened at 11:15 a.m., it was all hands on deck. The kids were scrambling, communicating with each, and working hard in the kitchen.

Like any restaurant, there were some jitters and issues; nothing too crazy at all. I saw a lady whose order was misplaced but they were quick to apologize and get her missing order made.

I ordered a combo meal that included a burger, shake and fries. Of course, I was the first order that was handed out without fries because they ran out. The kind gentleman working the front line and talking to the customers, apologized which was totally OK for me.

The kids did a great job on my burger. The patty was not overdone; I definitely enjoyed the bit of pink on there. And the pumpkin spice milkshake was a must for all pumpkin spice lovers.

I wish they had something like this when I was in high school…. that or air conditioning. To be able to learn the ins and outs of working in a restaurant and just cooking in general would be something I would have loved to do. Makes me almost want to take some classes at one of the culinary classes at Butler or WSU Tech.

Props to the Maize school district for a wonderful program like this. I didn’t know it, but programs like this are made possible not just by the teachers and staff, but organizations like the Maize Education Foundation. I’ll be honest, I despised so many classes and questioned their worth not just in high school but college. So to see something like this for students that provides real hands-on training and life skills, I’m all for it.

For more on Blue House Burgers, check out the district’s Facebook page. And lastly, here’s the menu:

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  1. Felicia Maldonado

    Thank you so much! My daughter is a part of this group and it is an awesome, life learning opportunity!! I definitely want to try the shake!!

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