The McDonald’s McRib officially returns to Wichita a week earlier than expected

Despite it’s nationwide release on November 1, the McDonald’s McRib is already available in Wichita. I get this blog (or sandwich) isn’t for everybody. So if it isn’t, feel free to close out of your browser now. But if you’re the most nonjudgmental, unapologetic, unassuming, open-minded, crazy McRib loving foodie, keep on scrolling!

It’s been almost a year since the last time the sandwich was available in Wichita. If you’re wanting the seasoned boneless pork, barbecue sauce, onions and pickles on a hoagie bun, then make your way over to the Pawnee & Seneca McDonald’s at 2418 S. Seneca.

With it’s early release, it hasn’t popped up on the McDonald’s app yet. Last year, the mobile coupon was 2 McRibs for $5, so we’ll see if there’s a special this year. Currently, the meal runs $7.69.

I know this isn’t the healthiest or most appealing sandwich but who cares. I have my guilty pleasures and the McRib is one of them.

Happy Dining,

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