A sneak peek at the Chicago-style pizzas from Big B’s Beef

Coming soon, one of the most requested dishes in Wichita will be available for all the diners in this town. Big B’s Beef is almost ready to unveil their Chicago-style pizzas to the public, but before that we got a sneak peek at what’s to come.

First, what you’ll need to know. The owners, Brian and Liz Bathgate, will be serving their pizzas out of Fusion Restaurant at 1812 W. Douglas. Since Fusion is only open for breakfast and lunch, that leaves the evenings open which is when Big B’s Beef will take over.

While Big B’s Beef has a food truck that’s been selling such Chicago-style foods like Italian beef sandwiches, Italian sausage, Chicago dogs and more, they wanted to bring another part of home to Wichita. That’s where the pizzas come into play.

During a private taste test, we are all given several thin crust variations, think tavern-style pizzas. We we also given a few deep dish pizzas that many people have been wanting like a Lou Malnati’s pizza. They also had several stuffed pies, think Giordano’s. Then there were some Italian beef strombolis. The goal was, if you could find it in Chicago, then you could find it in Wichita thanks to Big B’s Beef.

Here’s a sampling of what we had:

The general consensus was superb all around.

My personal favorite was the tavern style pizza. I loved that cracker-style crust was right up my alley. There were no complaints at my table. Others loved the baked pies that were similar to a Giordano’s. It had that lasagna appeal to it. That au jus sauce with the Stromboli could be a huge game changer for those that want something different than pizza.  Then the deep dish was a huge huge huge favorite for many. It’s probably what most people have been clamoring for and will likely be a popular order. There was so many positives such as the sausage which they made in house. The sauce was a big selling point for all of us. It wasn’t overly seasoned and incredibly flavorful. It should be noted they make their own sauce and dough as well.

The most exciting part about all of this was how different it was for our city. So many people are quick to point out all the new chicken and Mexican-related restaurants that constantly pop up in town. While I believe we should be supportive and give each one a fair shot, sometimes you want something different, unique, and fresh. Big B’s Beef accomplishes that with their new offerings.

Once they open, their regular food truck menu will be available aside from the gyros and burgers. As for the pizza, they’ll have a cheese, supreme, veggie lover and create your own option for all three styles of pizzas. Prices will range anywhere from $11-28.

Be on the look out for their grand opening when they take over The Fusion Restaurant space at 1812 W. Douglas. Until then, you can always get their other classic Chicago-style dishes from their food truck which you can check out their Facebook page for the weekly schedule. And don’t forget to show some love and support The Fusion Restaurant who helped make this possible with their space.

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