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There’s a taco pop-up stand that you may find at catered events or such places as Shop & Grub. It’s Tacos Pina. They’ve been around for a while, and probably most notable for their win at the Kansas City Taco Fest for best taco. I came across them in town and decided to swing by and check them out.

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They didn’t have any menu on display, but had all their food being prepared on the spot. So, everybody could see what was available. There were a few meats to choose from: barbacoa, tripa, and chicken.

I asked for one of each, and came in a single tortilla and topped with cilantro and onion. The tacos were $3.50 a piece which were slightly higher than many similar pop-ups and food trucks in town. But I’m of the opinion that if the tacos are fantastic, the price never matters.

Unfortunately, I was a bit let down by the tacos. All the meats were very gritty and dry. Each protein was chopped up finely which wasn’t bad, but the taste just wasn’t there. I’m not sure if the meats were cooked too long because I can’t explain why else everything tasted dry. I poured some mild and hot salsa they had available, but that didn’t help matters out much.

For winning a big event like a taco fest in Kansas City, I was thinking they would be better. Perhaps, it was a bad day or something because on the particular day I went, it simply wasn’t good.

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