How to get involved with Dillons local gift cards program

By now you’ve heard of the new local themed gift cards available at Dillons. We covered the gift cards in a story here, and it was also picked up by KAKE news. Since the stories broke, restaurants owners have been reaching out to me asking how to get involved with the program.

I reached out to representatives at Dillons and they are indeed working on selecting businesses to feature in 2022. Here’s what you need to know.

What the product is:

  • The local gift cards run on Visa rails. If your point of sale terminals accept Visa, these will work for you.
  • They are considered private label Visa cards with a restricted access network (RAN). Customers can only redeem at the businesses featured on these gift cards.
  • These gift cards are variable load cards ($20-$500) and do not have an activation fee for the customer to purchase or use them.

How it works:

  • Only pay on redemption for actual customers who come in and experience your business. You keep 90% of the redemption value of the gift cards you redeem.
  • You then get paid out in 2 days through your Merchant Acquirer


  • $0 cost for you to participate, and the 10% redemption value includes interchange fees.

Where will these be displayed:

  • Each local card will be placed in Dillons stores within a 30-40 mile radius of all the brands featured on the card to ensure they resonate with the customers shopping in your local area.

Marketing at no cost to you:

  •  Kroger/Dillons will be funding all of the marketing support to ensure these launch successfully in the stores with in-store and digital marketing elements.

How to get involved:

  • Kroger/Dillons will be planning to do another print run at the beginning of the year for Wichita to be sure they can get these gift cards out in market by early summer (cards take 12 weeks for production and 2-4 weeks to get placed in our stores).
  • Restaurant owners who are interested can contact Emily Burke at to be considered for the 2022 wave.

I mentioned it before, but I’m totally on board with these gift cards. I think they serve as another touchpoint for restaurants and entertainment venues who could use some more exposure. From a marketing standpoint, it’s a great deal and requires essentially zero work from the owner. You get another set of eyes on your business in a huge brick & mortar store with the gift cards.

If you’re a restaurant or venue owner and interested in participating in their next round of gift cards, it couldn’t hurt to reach out to get some more information.

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We would like to thank Dillons for partnering with us on this feature.

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