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Inside the Venue: The Fun Venue

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The Fun Venue

Why Choose The Fun Venue
“We are locally owned family business, with a very good location in downtown Wichita with easy access to a lot of free public parking. And lastly, we have very competitive price with what we offer. Thank you!”
– Gigi Chung, owner of The Fun Venue

Location: 221 N. St. Francis Road

Contact Information: 316-755-6790 – Email
Social/Web: WebsiteFacebookInstagram

Venue Details

Food & Alcohol Policy


Rental Rate by Hour:
Mon-Thursday before 9pm $80 per hour, after 9pm $150 per hour
Friday before 5pm $100 per hour, after 5pm $150 per hour.
Saturday before 5pm $150 per hour, after 5pm $180 per hour.
Sunday before 9pm $120 per hour, after 9pm $150 per hour
Holiday rate varies.
*There is a minimum of 2 hours rent required.
*Free 30 min setup time right before the event and free 30 min teardown (Teardown must start immediately after the event)
*You can add additional setup or teardown time for 50% off the rental rate right before or after the event. ( Maximum of paid 1.5hr in total of setup or teardown. Anytime exceed it, regular hourly rate will apply)

Whole Day or More Rental rate:
Saturday (10 hours of your choosing time, additional hour is $100 per hour) for $1680
Whole day block 10 hours of choosing time Friday $1,500 or Sunday $1,300
*All price & promotion offers subject to change without notice*


There are a lot of free public parking in very close proximity to the venue. 1 large free public parking right across the street and many off-street parking spots as well.


Cleanup Policy

We offer most of the cleaning for the events. Clients are only responsible for teardown of their decorations, pickup all trash and throw in big dumpster (Confetti, Confetti balloons, glitter are not allowed. Loose floor decorations must be removed if used), reinsert trash bags, and wipe down chalkboard if it used.

Cancelation Policy

50% of the rental fee due at booking is nonrefundable as nonrefundable retainer fee. All payment due at least 2 weeks before the event. Once paid, all payments are nonrefundable. Rescheduling allowed one time with $50 rescheduling fee but have very specific timeline allowance written in the contract. No rescheduling is allowed if the event is less than 2 weeks away.

Contact the Fun Venue for full cancelation policy.


Pictures have been provided by the venue for this feature.

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