Let’s Review MrBeast Burger!

MrBeast Burger

Let’s review MrBeast Burger!

MrBeast Burger is an American delivery-only fast-food restaurant chain founded by internet personality Jimmy Donaldson, or more popularly known as MrBeast. The chain features burgers and fries. It’s only available through food delivery apps like DoorDash and UberEats. From there, the food is prepared at contracted brick-and-mortar restaurant locations. In Wichita, that location is On The Border.

This style of business has grown immensely over the past couple of years. They are called anything from dark kitchens to ghost kitchens to cloud kitchens. Either a restaurant will show up on a delivery app under an additional name to have multiple concepts listed (i.e. Chuck E. Cheese and Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings) or they’re kitchen and employees are outsourced to make a separate business’ food which was the case here.

MrBeast is probably one of the most popular ones out there, so I decided to finally give it a go.

In Wichita, it’s available through DoorDash and UberEats and prepared at the NewMarket On The Border at 2347 N. Maize Road. To be honest, I have no idea who MrBeast is and never heard of him until this burger came out on the delivery apps.

There were multiple burger options when I started my order. I decided to go with whichever one appeared first which was the Beast Style Burger. It’s a smashed crispy beef patty with house seasoning, American cheese, pickles, diced white onion, mayo, ketchup and brown mustard on a soft roll. To make sure I had plenty of food, I ordered a double. The combo came with fries and I chose to pay the additional fee to upgrade my fries to Beast Style Fries which were seasoned crinkle fries loaded with caramelized onions, American cheese, pickles, mayo, ketchup and mustard. The combo was $14.29 and included a can of Coke. Sidenote: canned beverages and bottled water were a beastly $1.99 each.

For starters, I’ll say the packaging was very cool and colorful; probably the most creative and exciting to bag, food container I’ve ever seen from a restaurant.

That was about as positive as I could get.

The fries were a nice attempt, but it wasn’t MrBeast’ fault. Delivery fries like their fully loaded option struggled to keep its quality. They were extremely soggy and mushy which took away from the experience.

The burger was small in stature, despite being a double patty. Other than that, it needed a lot of work. There really wasn’t any flavor to the burger at all. If I was making a top 5,000 burgers in Wichita list, then this would probably make it by default. But other than that, it was possibly the most overpriced, bland burger I’ve ever had in my life.

Many people warned me against ordering the burger, but I had to find out for myself. If you were to rank the burger by value, it was the most overpriced, wasteful burger I’ve ever had. If you had to rank it by quality, I think every restaurant in town could put out a better product.

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