Local Spotlight: El Madina Market: A Mediterranean and International Grocery Store

El Madina Market

This is one local business that many of you probably haven’t heard of. They just opened a few months and didn’t get any press coverage in the community. So let’s shine some light on El Madina Market. They are a Mediterranean and international grocery store located in Rockford Square at 1855 S Rock Rd.

There aren’t many stores like it in Wichita, so let’s take a look inside.

El Madina Market is a unique international grocery store market with products from all over the world. While there’s a strong Moroccan influence, they carry a full range of North African, Turkish, Mediterranean, Tunisian, Indian, Lebanese, Pakistani, Middle Eastern groceries.

There’s a refrigerated section that holds Halal lamb meat, Halal Goat meat, Halal chicken meat, Halal Quail, Sheesh kebab, Chicken Adana, Semosa and more.

For those who enjoy cooking different cuisines from all over the world, El Madina Market is right there to get you what you need. They have spices from all over the globe. Their shelves offer a huge selection of couscous, hummus, grape leaves, baba ghanouj, tahini, olives, olive oil, cheese and more.

When it comes to beverages and snacks, they have that as well.

One of the most helpful aspects about El Madina Market was the product knowledge. The owner knew all the information about every product he had on hand. Sometimes when you walk into an ethnic grocery store, you wonder where a certain product is from or even what it is. The owner had each item labeled so you knew what country it was from and what it was. Overall, it was a very well organized grocery store.

As mentioned earlier, El Madina Market is located at 1855 S. Rock Road. Their hours are Tuesday through Sunday 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and closed on Monday. You can also reach them at 316-409-8724 or visit their webpage and Facebook page.

Have you ever been? What shopping suggestions would you make there? Drop them in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “Local Spotlight: El Madina Market: A Mediterranean and International Grocery Store”

  1. This store is full of international food. I love it so much, I can literally travel the world through this store. The hummus and grape leaves and Moroccan soft drink is my favorite and also the halal meat is so fresh. It deserves more support

  2. Great place with hard to find (locally) ingredients for Lebanese food. Everyone there is always very nice and helpful. this

  3. The best store in town to get a taste of Moroccan and indian food. They restock regularly and get products based on consumer demand. The price is fair too. Would highly recommend this place.

  4. I absolutely love going to this market. The owner and all the employees are super helpful. They have the freshest chicken and meat available. They have everything you can need or want

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