Local Spotlight: The Spice Merchant

The Spice Merchant

They are a business that needs no introduction, but we are going to give it to them anyway. The Spice Merchant is the city’s original gourmet coffee roaster. For over 40 years, they’ve been providing the city with fresh roasted coffees, teas, spices, hot sauces, cooking ingredients & tools, greeting cards, salsas, preserves, mugs and more.

Located in the Douglas Design District, they have been a staple of the community.

Recently, I’ve been trying to get more acclimated to loose leaf tea and knew exactly where I needed to go…. The Spice Merchant. On top of the 200 bulk herbs and spices and 80+ freshly roasted coffees, they have over 200 bulk teas to choose from.

Everything I would ever need in the world of tea could be found under one roof. They had nearly every type of tea imaginable, covering countries all over the world. On top of the teas and product lines to match, they were a wealth of knowledge and gave me a quick crash course on loose leaf tea. They were beyond helpful and had an answer for everything I was curious about. They were kind and provided so much insight that turned me into a growing tea lover.

I ended up walking away with some black teas and breakfast teas that I still drink everyday.

For some people though, coffee is the main attraction. By all accounts, the Spice Merchant has been a seller of top grade coffees and want to provide customers with the best that meets their tough standards. I’ve made it no secret that I’m no coffee aficionado. But if their lines of customers are any indication, they are doing something right.

On top of the coffee and tea, there’s something for everyone there. They have a vast selection of herbs, salsas and sauces, many of which are local. There’s also treats and all the cooking utensils and tools a kitchen would ever need.

There’s just so much to look through. One could spend an entire afternoon just browsing the store. This is a popular #ShopLocal establishment. To be around for 40 years, they are doing something right.

The Spice Merchant is located at 1300 E Douglas Ave. For more information, check them out on Facebook or visit their website. You can also reach them at 316-263-4121.

Have you ever been? What shopping suggestions would you make there? Drop them in the comments below!

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