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I love tea, and one thing I’ve been trying to get into is loose-leaf tea. Earlier this summer, I was at one of the vendor markets around town and came across a vendor called TeaTaze. During the first visit, I sampled some of their offerings and loved it. A couple of months later, on a visit to the Old Town Farmer’s Market, I made it a point to revisit them and make a purchase.

TeaTaze is a local purveyor of single-batch teas and tea blends.

They can be found downtown on Saturdays at the Farmer’s Market or all of their products can be purchased online at their website.

My personal preference when it comes to teas are black teas and any style of breakfast black teas. I’m still trying to learn more about teas and have come to find that I dislike the floral stuff.

The owner of TeaTaze was super helpful in pointing me towards which ones I would like. He had samples of the teas and offered to make more samples of any ones people were interested in purchasing. After trying a few of them, I settled on Black Gold and American Breakfast Black Tea.

I was particularly fond of the Black Gold which was a richer tea flavor that was very smooth going down; way smoother than the teas I started on that I purchased from the grocery store. The American Breakfast was bolder than the Black Gold but still just as smooth. With the warmer weather, I like to have a few glasses of hot tea throughout the day and this hit the spot.

In the past, I’ve typically stuck to the cheap bags of tea you can get for a couple bucks. Since I love tea, learning more and venturing out has been on my to-do list. What better way to than do it locally? TeaTaze was a great start for me in the world of loose leaf teas. I highly recommend checking them out online or visiting his stand at the farmer’s market.

For more information, check them out on Facebook or visit their website. You can also reach them at 316-573-1803.

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