The most popular Thanksgiving sides in the country

What’s the most popular side dish at Thanksgiving? For me, it’s stuffing and it’s not even close. The question was the subject of a study conduction by who specializes in analyzing public data sets. They went on the hunt to find the most popular side in every state.

Using Google Trends, they found recipes that were spiking in search volume along with where in the country the recipes were more popular than others.

It’s no surprise, that mashed potatoes was the most popular recipe. Meanwhile, types of breads like rolls and cornbread, baked potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and charcuterie trays were other popular sides throughout the country.

What was Kansas’ most popular side dish according to their research? Creamed corn.

Typically, I’d be shocked at that result but nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to what Kansas likes most in these types of polls.

Here are all 50 states favorites along with the original article.

Alabama – Sweet potato casserole

Alaska – Stuffed mushrooms

Arizona – Mashed potatoes

Arkansas – White gravy

California – Mashed potatoes

Colorado – Mashed potatoes

Connecticut – Mashed potatoes

Delaware – Cauliflower mashed potatoes

Florida – Rolls

Georgia – Collard greens

Hawaii – Mashed potatoes

Idaho – Side salad

Illinois – Mashed potatoes

Indiana – Green beans

Iowa – Green beans

Kansas – Creamed corn

Kentucky – Hashbrown casserole

Louisiana – Cornbread dressing

Maine – Stuffing

Maryland – Collard Greens

Massachusetts – Mashed potatoes

Michigan – Rolls

Minnesota – Charcuterie tray

Mississippi – Cornbread

Missouri – Charcuterie tray

Montana – Turkey gravy

Nebraska – Crescent roll

Nevada – Mashed potatoes

New Hampshire – Stuffing

New Jersey – Stuffed mushrooms

New Mexico – Side salad

New York – Sweet potatoes with marshmallows

North Carolina – Biscuit

North Dakota – Fruit salad

Ohio – Green beans

Oklahoma – Baked potato

Oregon – Mashed potatoes

Pennsylvania – Stuffing

Rhode Island – Glazed carrots

South Carolina – Collard greens

South Dakota – Baked sweet potatoes

Tennessee – Hashbrown casserole

Texas – Creamed corn

Utah – Rolls

Vermont – Macaroni and cheese

Virginia – Macaroni and cheese

Washington – Roasted vegetables

West Virginia – Rolls

Wisconsin – Baked potato

Wyoming – Baked potato

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