River City Sweet Shop Revisited

The Aria Bakery space has a new tenant, and it’s someone many of you may be familiar with. River City Sweet Shop who used to operate at 13th and Woodlawn and most recently was located next door to Aria Bakery has taken over the space. They decided to stay in the Normandie shopping center, which has seen a major facelift in recent years. I wanted to stop by just to go check it out and get some sweets for the family.

6476 E. Central, Wichita, Kansas 67206

Tuesday – Thursday: 10am – 5:30pm
Friday: 10am – 5pm
Saturday: 10am – 2pm
Closed on Sunday and Monday

Cash/Card Accepted

The dessert shop makes gourmet cupcakes, cake balls, cookies & other sweet treats. They also have a logo machine that can print logos on an assortment of different desserts. Depending on the day, they also have many ready-to-order treats you can pick up. If you’re looking for a custom order, those will have to be placed ahead of time.

I dropped in just before Thanksgiving to see what treats they had and fortunately for River City Sweet Shop, they were sold out of most items. It was a good problem to have as a business. I try to see the silver lining in things and it was probably fortunate for my waistline as well.

They did have a few things on hand though and I picked up a chocolate creme pie to take home to the family for the holidays.

They also had some chili and cinnamon rolls that they were giving out for the weekend. I’m not big on the combination, but am open to anybody who wants to try and serve me them. Theirs was a simple free giveaway pack they were giving out to all customers who came in that day. The chili had a beautiful bit of heat to it that I really enjoyed. The cinnamon rolls weren’t too bad either. While they were mini-sized, I certainly can’t complain about free. I’ll have to go back in soon to get a regular sized cinnamon roll one day.

I’ve been to River City Sweet Shop many times and they are some of the sweetest people. Even though most items were gone, I can confirm that their desserts are delicious.

And if you ever want an image printed on to a cookie or cake, they are the ones to go to. The work is fantastic.

Happy Dining,

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