A day of food judging at Blood Orchards’ Cranberry Cook Off

It was time again to do my regular judging duties at Blood Orchard. This month at their Southside Food Truck Rally, the theme was for the food trucks to create the best dish that incorporated cranberries. I’m not typically a huge cranberry fan, but as always, was open to whatever dish was placed in front of me. You never know what could be good until you try it, right?

In the end, I was so happy I attended, as the food was spectacular. Three food trucks participated this afternoon. Here’s everything I tried:

Smoked wings with cranberry BBQ sauce from Big Granny’s
Mac & cheese with pulled pork and topped with cranberry BBQ sauce from Big Granny’s
Fried flour taco from Neives Mexican Food Truck that included a cranberry guacamole sauce
Cranberry cream puff from Urban Skillet

I really did enjoy them all, but Big Granny’s did the best job of incorporating cranberry that really stood out. You could detect the use of cranberry and it mixed so well in a BBQ sauce to create a tangy flavor that I loved. Of course, the meaty wings helped.

While I’ve made it known I’m not a huge fried taco fan, the fried taco was probably the best dish I’ve had from Neives. So good, I may have to go back to try their food again.

And while I thoroughly enjoyed the cream puff, It’s hard from to vote for a dessert item over wings. With that said, don’t discount the food Urban Skillet puts out. I’ve never had a bad dish from them.

There was a three-person panel consisting of The Neighborhood members tasked with choosing the winner. After little debate, we went with Big Granny’s as the winner of the cranberry cook off.

Thanks to Blood Orchards for having us out. Be sure to follow them on Facebook to see when their monthly food truck events take place.

Happy Dining,

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