First Look at Cheezepanzee, Wichita’s all cheese food truck


From the people who brought you Funky Monkey Munchies and Cousin Hector’s comes the city’s newest and cheesiest food truck, Cheezepanzee. They’ve conquered the world of Asian/Latin/American and Mexican-American fusion foods in the local food truck scene, so let’s see what they are offering in the realm of cheese.

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The food truck’s design alone is cool enough to grab everybody’s attention. I loved the play on words with Chimpanzee and cheese. It’s probably one of the cooler wrap jobs on a truck I’ve seen around town.

The menu featured a mix of quesadillas, poutine, mac n cheese, and I’m sure that’s all going to evolve over time. On the day I stopped by, some items were out, but fortunately the piggy mac which originally caught my eye was available. I went with that and, at the recommendation of the staff, had the steak quesadilla as well.

While I have a small dairy allergy, I still dabble quite a bit with eating all the cheese, mostly because that’s all the kids eat and anything people bring to parties. I can’t say, though, I’m a huge mac and cheese connoisseur. It’s not something I often order. So, what I’m about to say, take it at face value and don’t take it as gospel. Are you ready?

Their Piggy Mac was probably the best mac and cheese I’ve had from a restaurant or food truck. It was a creamy mac and cheese with slow roasted pork and truck-made BBQ sauce. The noodles alone were perfection, they were firm yet slightly chewy. There was just the right amount of creamy cheese smothered all over that didn’t take away from the dish, and the pork was tender to the touch, which complimented the noodles well. The sauce was tangy yet sweet. Seriously, I loved everything about it……well minus green scallions. I’m not a huge green scallions fan, but you can pick those off if you’re like me. You get the picture though….. a bomb mac and cheese meal.

My pants were getting tight by the time I finished the meal, but I managed to get in some of the quesadilla. It was stuffed with delicious steak pieces, mozzarella, Monterrey jack, cheddar and served with pico, guacamole and sour cream. Just one of the quesadillas would be enough to fill the average appetite. They were plenty generous on the steak pieces which I loved.

Be sure to follow them on Facebook to see where they will be next or have them come out to your event or business. I’m stoked to see what else they come up with in the future. They’re always being creative with menu items, and I’m sure it’ll be a hit.

Here’s the menu:

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