First Look at Order Up Cafe, the restaurant open until 3 a.m. on the weekend

There’s a new late night option in town. Order Up Cafe is located at 1548 S. Ida near the corner of Southeast Blvd and Harry. Closing at 3 a.m. on the weekends, they hope to be your new spot in town for those working later shifts, trying to find a place to eat when the bars close or wanting to cure those late night hunger cravings.

1548 S. Ida, Wichita, KS 67211

Thursday – Friday: 4pm – 3am
Sunday: 1pm – 6pm
Closed Monday – Wednesday

Cash/Card Accepted

When I dropped in, they had a mural in the works that looked like this:

Since then, they’ve finished it and it looks fantastic!

Photo courtesy of Order Up Cafe’s Facebook

Order Up Cafe features a menu of comfort food classics like chicken wings, tenders, catfish, burgers, hot dogs, waffles, nachos and more. For my visit, I went with a single catfish piece, an order of wings and a chili dog. Right before I picked up my food, they confirmed my order of catifsh, wings and a chili dog. Minutes before it was ready, they once again confirmed it with the kitchen staff who nodded their head.

I then came home with chicken quesadillas, a catfish dinner and a chili cheese dog. So, that’s what we’re going to review.

Starting off with the chili cheese dog, it was simple. I love a good chili dog, and I’m not sure if their chili was homemade, but it did the job. Next up, the fries and catfish were OK. They were quite soggy even though it wasn’t a long drive home. I enjoyed the flavor of the catfish but like some crispiness from the skin. It made me wonder if the catfish was finished early and sat there longer. Rounding out the dinner was the chicken quesadillas. Like the fries and catfish, they were alright; nothing too memorable. It was missing something, maybe some more cheese or seasoning of some sort would have helped.

Wichita lacks a lot of late-night options outside the 24-hour Mexican restaurants. Maybe next time, I’ll dine in to see if the food is much better. I wanted to really love it, but the meals didn’t quite resonate with me. That stinks because the gentleman working the front was very cool about everything.

When I return, I’m getting wings and will make sure it’s there.

Here’s their menu:

Happy Dining,

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  1. If you haven’t tried the new wings at Wichita Brewing Company, I HIGHLY suggest you do so. They seem to be dry seasoned before tossing in your choice of sauce, and are meaty. Outstanding.

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