Noble House brings back Hawaiian food with return of their food truck

Noble House

They closed down their restaurant and food trucks earlier this year, leaving a void of Hawaiian food in Wichita. But now they are back with the return of the Noble House Hawaiian Plate Lunch food truck. The island fare food which originally arrived in 2015, closed in August 2021, has brought back many favorites.

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Recently, they’ve been hosting pop-ups at Lava & Tonic and the upcoming Filipino Pinoy Market, but it looks like their food truck is a full go and has been making stops around town.

I stopped by recently and ordered a few items I’ve been craving from their restaurant. My ordered consisted of a lobster hand roll, teriyaki chicken and spam & eggs.

Everything was just as I remembered from the restaurant. My favorite was hands down the teriyaki chicken. I loved the savoriness of the tender chicken and having every bite paired with the vibrant macaroni salad; complete opposites in flavors but beautiful together. The lobster hand roll was a tasty appetizer to kick off my meal and the spam was essentially like a snack for me throughout the day.

It’s nice to have one of our local eateries back after closing, especially one that offers food you don’t often see around town.

Be sure to follow them on Facebook to see where they will be next.

Here’s the menu:

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