The best donuts in southwest Wichita: Winchell’s Donut House

There are a ton of excellent donut shops around town. So many, that perhaps you prefer not to drive across town to get your hands on the sugary goodness. You want something close by. When it comes to the southwest part of Wichita, our pick for the best one is Winchell’s Donut House.

1205 W Pawnee St, Wichita, KS 67213

Open Daily: 24 Hours a Day

Cash/Card Accepted

We arrived early in the morning, which was perfect because they had a full selection of donuts to choose from.

An underrated item at Winchell’s is their breakfast burrito. They are made fresh and do take some time, so order your burrito right when you get there to save some time. Hopefully by the time you pick out your donuts, the burrito should be ready.

There’s nothing overly special about the breakfast burrito. It’s simple, but done right. We ordered a couple of them and there was lots of egg and cheese inside with sausage mixed in. It’s your prototypical gut buster that will nearly force you to take a mid-morning nap.

As for the donuts, the best part of ordering a dozen is you get 14 instead of 12. We went with an assortment of different ones, but focused heavily on chocolate because that’s what the kids wanted. Like the breakfast burrito, they weren’t anything over the top about them; just a classic, delicious donut. I loved their creme-filled donuts; those were probably my favorites. But everybody had 1-2 they loved and soon after, the donuts were all gone. I did hear one sentiment of, “Best chocolate cake donut in Wichita.”

Here’s their menu:

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1 thought on “The best donuts in southwest Wichita: Winchell’s Donut House”

  1. Marshal Concello

    I’m in love with their raspberry jelly donuts. Always friendly staff and just an overall cool place with decent prices. I’m also a fan of their breakfast bagel sandwich. Sooooo good and delicious.

    Well written and accurate article.

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