Checking out free Saturday admission at the Wichita Art Museum

Wichita Art Museum

Wichita Art Museum

For the next visit in the Family Fun Series, we stopped by the Wichita Art Museum. Located at 1400 Museum Blvd, they have free admission on Saturdays, which makes it a very cost-friendly and family-friendly activity to do on the weekend.

I took my daughter to check out what activities they had for little children, and the weekend I went was perfect. Flatland Ranch had two of their alpacas on hand. Everyone was allowed to pet the alpacas, but of course, my little one was too scared.

Next up, we went inside to look at some art. After walking by some of their exhibits, I knew it wasn’t going to interest a two-year-old much. Some staff members recommended that I go check out The Living Room. I had to quickly look up what that was on their website. Here’s the description:

One of the most active spaces at the Wichita Art Museum, the Living Room is a space to relax, explore new art ideas and activities, read a book, attend a Saturday ArtVenture, or one of our special programs. This room extends and sparks fun learning opportunities while visiting WAM, very much like a creative maker space. The interactive nature and ability for groups to engage together—whether friends on an outing or multi-generational family—mean that visitors have quality time together. These experiences make the Living Room so essential to WAM’s mission to “bring people, ideas, and American art together to enrich lives and build community.”

The Living Room was reimagined and redesigned in 2020. With new vibrant and fun furniture and wall displays that encourage interaction with art, WAM welcomes visitors of all ages to explore the Living Room. Every Saturday, a museum educator greets visitors in the Living Room and guides them in unique activities and art explorations.

The moment we took the stairs to the Living Room of the Wichita Art Museum, my child’s eyes lit up. She loved all the other kids roaming around the room, the colorful chairs, the creative spaces set up at each table, and the sounds of little voices like hers.

Wichita Art Museum

Wichita Art Museum

In the Living Room, all the kids were given little alpacas they could spruce up with markers, crayons, thread, little eyeballs to glue on and more. My daughter is at the stage she loves using her imagination and being creative. So, this activity was right up her alley. I let her color, glue eyeballs to her alpaca, and get all wild with the thread.

Wichita Art Museum

If anybody’s interested, we are selling this piece called “The Alpaca’lypse” for $75,000 to go towards her college fund.

If you want to have this much fun at the Wichita Art Museum and help channel your child’s artistic skills, the Wichita Art Museum is located at 1400 Museum Blvd. For more information, visit their webpage or Facebook.

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