New experience from Elderslie Farm allows you to bring a baby goat home for the weekend

We are all about the fun and unique experiences available in Wichita, and we recently came across one that fits the criteria. Elderslie Farm is offering a new “Get Your Goat” encounter that allows you to take home one of their baby goats for a 2-day experience.

Goats are my daughter’s favorite animal and when I heard about it, I jumped at the opportunity to get a reservation. Spots are filling up fast on their website, so get in quick.

Dates take place on the weekend, with pickups on Friday at 4:15 p.m. or Saturday at 9:15 a.m. The cost to “Get Your Goat” is $25 for the goat and one gallon of formula. Bedding if needed is an additional $8 for straw or pine shavings.

When you arrive at Elderslie Farm, you’ll bring a dog crate/kennel at your scheduled pick-up time and go through a 15 minute “Take our Goat Care and Training Class”. From there you take the goat home for the evening, feed them, socialize with them and warm your heart.

We cannot wait to pick up our goat. Our daughter will be the most excited toddler in Wichita the day she finds out we have a goat at home. Only to be followed by the most disappointed toddler in Wichita when we have to return the goat.

If you’re interested, make your reservation now on their website. Spots for January are already booked, and I’m guessing February will fill up soon after.

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