Paleteria La Fuente Revisited

Paleteries are popular and many people visit many of the prominent ones in Wichita. We’re here to shed some light on some of the less-talked about spots such as Paleteria La Fuente. The last time we stopped by, they were a few blocks north on Broadway but have since moved to the strip center that used to also house Pho Hien at 1750 N. Broadway.

1750 N Broadway, Wichita, Kansas 67214

Monday – Friday: 12:30pm – 9pm
Saturday – Sunday: Noon – 9pm

Cash/Card Accepted

The colorful La Fuente has nearly all the same treats you can find at many other paleterias. There’s also a foosball table in the corner if you’re looking to hang out.

There’s a ton to choose from like fruit options, paletas, shakes, nachos, elote, and assorted beverages. I was told they make all their ice cream on site which is a big plus.

I’ve been on a gansito kick lately, so I ordered a gansito shake which was probably enough to share with two people. Gansito is a Mexican snack cake, described as “a strawberry-flavored jelly and crème-filled cake with chocolate-flavored coating”. At La Fuente, they turn into an ice cream and offer it as a shake as well.

It’s rich, delicious, sweet and chocolatey to the max. Even though it was brisk outside, I didn’t mind enjoying a cold sweet treat.

Wichita has some wonderful paleteria options, but like all things, it never hurts to branch out from the popular ones to show some love to the up-and-comers.

Here’s the menu:

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