The best place for Hunt Brothers Pizza is at Gotta Stop gas station

Hunt Brothers Pizza

When it comes to gas station pizzas, one of my favorites is Hunt Brothers Pizza. It’s a restaurant chain primarily found in convenience stores and gas stations all over the country. They can usually be found at Jumpstart or Valero gas stations in Wichita. I’ve had some at random gas stations around town and in my experiences, the best place to get it is at Gotta Stop gas station at 5600 W. MacArthur Road.

If you ever go, order a whole pizza for $11.99. Avoid the premade personal-sized pizzas that sit under a heat lamp for hours. Splurge the extra money and get a freshly made one to go. Call your order ahead of time to 316-524-4700. Here’s an old menu that gives you an idea of the options they have. Keep in mind that prices have gone up.

My go-to order is a thin crust pizza with everything on it, except for black olives. It takes them around 15 minutes to make and very underrated when it comes to pizza in general. The sauce is sweet, but not so overpowering, and the staff at Gotta Stop really loads the toppings on the pizza.

What you get is an affordable, delicious 12-inch pizza that can feed a couple of people with ease. Plus the staff at Gotta Stop is incredibly friendly. It’s a win win.

Hunt Brothers Pizza

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. When it comes to the gas station pizzas, Hunt Brother Pizza has a slight lead over Casey’s. The warning is, though, you have to get it from Gotta Stop gas station.

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