Visiting Crumbl Cookies in Derby despite their milk shortage

Crumbl Cookies

The Wichita area finally got their second location in 2021. They opened up shop at 1918 Rock Road in Derby, KS and drew big lines out the door. The big draw for the Crumbl franchise, based out of Utah, is their larger than life cookies which have unique flavors that rotate each week and served in a pink box.

1918 Rock Rd Ste 700, Derby, KS 67037

Monday – Thursday: 8am – 10pm
Friday – Saturday: 8am – Midnight
Closed on Sunday

Cash/Card Accepted

I’ll be completely honest, my sole reason for doing this review was because of a review I saw posted online. After hearing they were out of individual-sized bottles of milk, I just had to go check it out for myself. My goal was to get a cookie and see how big of an inconvenience it was to get my own bottle of milk.

The first step upon arriving at Crumbl Cookies is placing your order. There are tablets along the wall and on the counter that customers can use to easily place an order and pay for it.

As stated earlier, Crumbl has a rotating menu of cookies. If you’re interested in seeing what the cookies look like, they have all six flavors placed out for you to see.

I was able to confirm that Crumbl was out of milk, along with chocolate milk. They said they didn’t know when another shipment would arrive in. Not a problem, as being unable to purchase milk isn’t the end of the world or cause for concern.

I purchased a raspberry lemonade cookie and figured I could always drive elsewhere to get milk. The staff there was kind, quick and I made my way to see how far it was to head over to Target and Dillons who were both in the same huge parking lot. The drive from Crumbl to Target was .1 mile, while the drive from Crumbl to Dillons was .3 miles. SOOOO MUCH GAS USED!

Here was the situation at Target. Not much milk left, let alone pint sized containers, only two left. If Target is running low on milk, is it that crazy to think Crumbl would be low?

I then timed myself from Crumbl to Dillons. From the moment I got in my car at Crumbl, drove over to Dillons and grabbed a milk, it was a total of five minutes. For what it’s worth, Dillon’s only had a couple of pint size milks as well. On the bright side, they also had seating! Both Dillons and Target’s milk was more than half the price of Crumbl Cookies, so it wasn’t all that bad to spend an extra five minutes to go elsewhere to get some. 

The end result was a delicious cookie that weighed more than my daughter and a milk that only cost me a buck and change. 

Was it unfortunate that Crumbl Cookies was out of milk? Possibly, but it certainly wasn’t worth the rant in my opinion. Restaurants are going through enough issues with staffing, product shortages, delivery issues and more. Things happen that are beyond their control. It’s one thing to be upset with if the service was disrespectful or if you didn’t like the food. Judging a place based off something they can’t control is a bit silly, just like this blog.

Here are the prices at Crumbl Cookies:

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