What to expect from a cookie decorating class at Cake Stuff

Cake Stuff

Looking for a hobby? Why not give cookie decorating a try? There are classes available at Cake Stuff, and this blog will give you an idea of what to expect from the baking supply store at 8909 W. Central inside Westlink Shopping Center.

All sorts of classes are available at Cake Stuff that range from different styles and themes. You can check out their current schedule here. Please note, these classes do tend to sell out fairly quickly.

For this blog, Megan signed up for the Boho Dreams Cookie Decorating along with her sister. Here’s the description for the class:

In this class, students will learn to outline and flood cookies. They will work on their piping skills, along with learning simple flowers. This class is open to all levels, recommended age 11+.

It was her first foray into any sort of cookie class.

Cake Stuff

When she arrived, everybody had a little kit of everything they needed for the two-hour class. They had the sugar cookies that were premade and cut, royal icing, scissors, extra tips for piping, and a tool to help smooth out the icing once it’s placed on the cookie. Students were able to take everything home minus the scissors and tips.

After an introduction of what the tools were used for, everybody dove right into the decorating. The teacher, Elizabeth, had a video projector showing what she was doing, so students could follow along or work at their own pace. At times, she would walk around the class to check the student’s progress and give pointers and tips.

The class involved how to pipe, how to flood, change the tips on the reusable bags of icing, explained the different pressures to apply on the piping bags, and basic decoration. While the main theme was piping and flooding, there was also a small focus on piping flowers.

The time spent decorating was roughly under an hour and a half. Other times were spent with introductions, talking through the basics and doing a quick tour of the store while the icing was drying. Here’s some of Megan’s work before the drying completed.

Here’s the finished product.

Cake Stuff

Elizabeth did a great job of helping the students out. She made the experience fun and non-intimidating or overwhelming for somebody who didn’t have any experience with cookie decorating. She also provided the students with a sugar cookie and royal icing recipe.

All in all, Megan and her sister had a blast at the class. So much fun in fact that she signed up for two more classes at Cake Stuff. By the end of the year, this website might serve as a side hustle and e-commerce site for our cookies you can purchase!

For more on the cookie classes at Cake Stuff, check out their website.

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