A visual guide to the new shareable small plates menu at Molino’s Cuisine

Molino's Cuisine

Let’s revisit Molino’s Cuisine.

I’ve been a huge supporter of anything in town that can create an experiential meal that’s fun for a table of diners. One of the those experiences is the shareable small plates concept, where you can order multiple plates of meal that are meant to be shared with others. Such places in the past like Fredos attempted this in the past, then there’s the dim sum style that’s only available on the weekend, and most recently Doma has looked to change the way diners completely look at small plates.

And now, Molino’s Cuisine is the latest to join the fun with their new shareable items menu.

1064 N Waco Ave, Wichita, KS 67203

Monday – Saturday: 11am – 9pm
Saturday – Sunday: Noon – 8pm

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Cash/Card Accepted

To kick things off, here’s their new Shareable Items menu. Please note, this is available only at their Waco location.

In typical Wichita By E.B. fashion, I brought a group with me to give these a try. Family joined me as we ordered the new items available on the menu. It was a group of four of us as we ordered seven of the options. 

Visual Look at Molino’s Cuisine Shareable Items

Molino's Cuisine
Bacon Wrapped Jalapeños. Jalapeños wrapped with bacon filled with cream cheese w/corn.
Molino's Cuisine
Pancita de Cerdo (Pork Belly Bites). Slow roast and crispy pork belly with tortillas, green tomatillo salsa and small side of guacamole.
Mango Fish Ceviche Molino’s. Cod pieces cooked in lime juice, spices, red onions, cucumber, mango and strawberries.
Molino's Cuisine
Chicken Rolled Taquitos. Shredded chicken wrapped and deep-fried in a corn tortilla. Served with red cabbage salad, guacamole and microgreens.
Molino's Cuisine
Mushroom Quesadilla. A corn tortilla grilled with cheese and portabello mushrooms guisado with corn, roasted poblano peppers and onions
Molino's Cuisine
Shrimp Aguachile Mazatlan Style. Shrimp cut butterfly style cooked in lime juice and spices. Served with red onions and cucumber slices.

And because we had a couple of kid’s with us, we ordered some cheese quesadillas, which weren’t on the menu. But if you have kids, it’s something they’ll gladly do.

Like all shareable items and small plates, it was fun eating away small portions of different items and discussing with each other what we enjoyed.

We ranked our dishes and the pork belly was the overwhelming favorite. Usually, pork belly is always going to be a winner. Molino’s had a crispy exterior which complimented the fatty tenderness of the meat. The shrimp aguachile was number two for us. It was zesty, flavorful with an acidic blast in each bite. Rounding out our top three was the mushroom quesadilla. This was a surprise for me as I’m a huge meat eater, but found this to be quite filling and delicious. The mushrooms and peppers were a tasty pairing.


Here’s the rest of the menu:


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