Have you heard of Dairy Queen cupcakes? They are like individual-sized ice cream cakes!

Have you ever heard of the Dairy Queen cupcakes? It’s something I have never heard of until our daycare gave me a heads up. I literally sat in my car after picking up my daughter to do the research the moment I found out. From what I read the Dairy Queen cupcakes are like a sundae or individual-sized version of their popular ice cream cake; the same cakes we get 3-4 times a year.

No longer do I have to buy a big cake when I’m craving one, I can just head to Dairy Queen to get these little cupcakes which pack the same flavor.

How To Get the Dairy Queen Cupcakes

This isn’t some secret off the menu item. I walked in to my nearest Dairy Queen and originally asked about their individual sized ice cream cake. They didn’t know what I was talking about until I showed them a picture. Then they said, “Oh, you’re talking about the cupcake!”

They walked me over to the freezer section that carries their cakes and ice cream bars. There at the bottom shelf was what I was looking for.

There were a dozen or so cupcakes sitting there. Each one had different frostings, colors and sprinkles on top in a sundae cup. Each cupcake featured the fudge and crunchy center found in their ice cream cakes and surrounded by vanilla and chocolate soft serve.

At $2.99, it was a no-brainer to pick a few up.

Dairy Queen cupcakes

I took them home and shared them with the family, who all questioned why I only bought three. These will now be in our regular rotation of desserts when the sweet cravings come calling.

Dairy Queen cupcakes

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