Trying my hand at some Delta-8 from The Health Connection

The Health Connection

The Health Connection

This may upset some people, but that’s nothing new for this blog. I’m a supporter of marijuana, and the closest thing available in Wichita is Delta-8. There’s a number of places in Wichita to purchase it, and I ended up at The Health Connection to get mine.

It’s a locally owned store located at 1709 W. Douglas. They also have two more locations at 3101 N. Rock Road and at 1001 N Rose Hill Rd.

Before we get into the purpose of my visit. The Health Connection carries many local items including art, apparel, glassware, food, and more. Part of their retail side is a storefront for many local businesses looking to sell their products.

I’ll be completely honest, I’ve never dived much into CBD. It’s never really been my thing. While I much prefer something with a little more potency, the laws here in Kansas don’t allow me to legally purchase it and if I did, why would I blog about that? So, I started reading a bit about Delta-8, 9, 10, you name it.

Since I’m no scientist or expert on all of it, I just wanted to write about my experiences in taking it. The Health Connection offered all the products in a different fashion similar to what you’d find at a dispensary. They had gummies, creams, flowers, cartridges, drinks, and more.

I picked up a variety of all the levels of Delta-8, Delta-9 and Delta-10 products they offered.

People use them for different reasons like sleep, pain management, anxiety, relieve nausea and vomiting, etc. For me, the only reason I used it for was sleep management. I’m a bad night owl and often times finding myself going to bed around 2-4 a.m. because my mind is always thinking about something. And secondly, I just liked the idea of trying something close to what I can find to our neighboring states.

To start things off, I tried some Delta-8 and Delta-9 gummies and they certainly did relax me. I’m not sure I could tell much of a difference between the two. Was it so much that I was really high? No. Could I still function? Yes. Did I sleep well? Like a baby. I woke up feeling a little groggy and my muscles felt very relaxed. It was a good chill feeling, but not at the level like if I was in Colorado….(so I’m told). Was it all so incredibly bad that it needs to deemed illegal? I’ve felt worse and done worse on Russian vodka. Would I do it again? Hell, I’m on it right now!

The Health Connection Delta-8

The legality of these products is a hot topic currently and frankly, I don’t even care. I’m all for making it all legal, but that’s out of my hands. All I know is I’ll be trying the other products I got my hands on.

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