Bongo Fruit Smoothies Revisited

Bongo Fruit Smoothies

During food truck events, you always want at least one dessert option; something sweet or preferably cool when it’s hot out. That’s why one of the staples you see a many of the food truck outings these days is Bongo Fruit Smoothies. They are a smoothie truck that’s been around for a couple of years but have been picking up steam recently.

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I’ve been by before for one of their regular smoothies in a cup, I wanted to order something that I’ve seen many people walk around with at food truck rallies. It’s a smoothie inside a pineapple. Yep, an actual pineapple replaces the cup.

For $12, I picked one up with a strawberry banana smoothie.

Bongo Fruit Smoothies

It was hefty. I’ll admit I had reservations about getting one, but this was essentially like getting two smoothies in one. This was one of those instances, I wish my daughter was with me so I had someone to help finish it.

The smoothie itself was great, tasted fresh and flavorful with a noticeable strawberry kick. If I’m by myself next time, I’d probably stick with the cup. But if I’m with family, the big pineapple is the way to go. If anything, it makes for great foodie visuals for those who love taking pictures of their food, like myself.

Bongo Fruit Smoothies

Be sure to follow them on Facebook to see where they will be at next or follow our Wichita Food Truck Schedule.

Here’s the menu:

Bongo Fruit Smoothies

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