Face Stuffers Food Wagon Revisited

Face Stuffers Food Wagon

I was out at The Truck Stop, Wichita’s newest food truck park for a lunch meeting. The one truck at the park I haven’t been to in a while was Face Stuffers Food Wagon. The three of us decided to give them a try. It was their first time checking out the truck, while it was my second time.

Cash/Card Accepted

The menu at Face Stuffers Food Wagon consists of burgers, tacos, sandwiches and nachos.

All three of us decided to go with the Trailer Trash tacos. It consisted of grilled sliced beef or chicken, fried cabbage and topped with jalapeno, ranch and fried jalapenos. They came in two packs for $8. We ordered a mix of the grilled sliced beef and chicken.

Eight minute later, we received these beauties.

Face Stuffers Food Wagon

Face Stuffers Food Wagon

Please note, the pictures probably didn’t do them justice, but the tacos were hefty and filling. They were truly packed with tons of beef and chicken. I was surprised how full I was after the two tacos, as were my colleagues who joined me.

The food was simple, American-style tacos where you just indulged and didn’t care what it looked like. I received my bang for the buck, threw down a couple of tacos, just spoke to my appetite. I’m pretty sure the conversation between my body and the tacos went like this: “Listen Eddy’s body. Your doctor may not agree with what’s about to happen, but you’re going to enjoy the ever living shit out of us tacos.” My body had no disagreement in the convo.

Next time I check out Face Stuffers, I will be sure to order these tacos again.

Be sure to follow them on Facebook to see where they will be at next, or visit our Wichita Food Truck Schedule site to find out as well.

Here’s the menu:

Face Stuffers Food Wagon

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