First Look at Don Nacho’s Catering & Food Trailer

Don Nacho's Catering & Food Trailer

One of the new trucks in 2021 that I didn’t know opened was Don Nacho’s Catering & Food Trailer. Thanks to Wichita’s new food truck park, The Truck Stop, I finally had a chance to see them in action.

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Don Nacho’s Catering & Food Trailer is a locally owned and operated truck that specializes in tacos, tortas, burritos and much more. They also offer catering as well.

While at The Truck Stop, I wanted to visit multiple trucks that there, so I kept my order limited at Don Nacho’s in hopes of trying more at a future date.

Wanting to keep it minimal, I went with a couple al pastor tacos and some carne asada as well.

The tacos came with the traditional double tortilla. I’ll say that the tortilla to meat ratio was off balance. There was way more tortilla in each bite than there was meat; so much that I had to pull one tortilla out of every taco to make it work.

Once I did that, the tacos were much better. I could get a better taste of the al pastor and carne asada which had some good flavor to it. One set of salsa was included with my tacos which had a nice level of heat that wasn’t so overbearing or long lasting.

Don Nacho's Catering & Food Trailer

I believe they’ll be at the Truck Stop again in the future, so I definitely intend to try the tortas or toritos. Overall, it was a decent first impression for Don Nacho’s.

Be sure to follow them on Facebook to see where they will be next.

Here’s the menu:

Don Nacho's Catering & Food Trailer

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