First Look at El Puerto Seafood & Chicken

A new restaurant recently opened in the former El Papa Pollo space at 808 W. 25th St in Plaza Mexico. Introducing El Puerto Seafood & Chicken Restaurant. Open six days a week, El Puerto offers, seafood platters, plenty of chicken dishes along with many traditional favorites like tacos, tortas, burritos and gorditas.

808 W 25th St N, Wichita, KS 67204

Sunday – Tuesday: 10am – 8pm
Closed on Wednesday
Thursday – Saturday: 10am – 8pm

Cash/Card Accepted

I recently stopped by as I was craving some mojarra frita. After browsing through their menu, I figured why not add a couple of al pastor tacos. They were out of buche, otherwise, I would have gone with that.

Their corn chips and salsa were a great start to my lunch. I was expecting a simple salsa, but this one packed quite a bit of flavorful heat.

It wasn’t too long of a wait for my food. Probably my only complaint about the experience was that the tacos were a bit dry. The salsa helped out a little, but it did detract from the whole taco experience.

Fortunately, the mojarra frita was excellent. It didn’t appear to be crispy when they first dropped it off to me, but don’t let appearances fool you. This fried fish was nice and crispy. There was plenty of meat (and, of course, bones) to go along with it. Someone working there, insisted I use some Valentino sauce on the fish. To his credit, I loved the additional kick of heat it gave my meal. I worked my way through all the bones and managed to get full off my mojarra frita. Between the crispy skin and flaky fish, it made for one delicious lunch.

Give them a try. I know that the area of 25th and Arkansas is a pretty busy intersection for Mexican food, but this is one spot that offers more in terms of seafood than the others.

Here’s our video look:

@wichitabyeb Do you like your food looking at you while you’re eating? Personally, I don’t mind especially when it’s mojarra frita! #fyp #fish #mexicanfood #letseat ♬ original sound – wichitabyeb

Here’s the menu:

Happy Dining,

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1 thought on “First Look at El Puerto Seafood & Chicken”

  1. I went last Saturday with a couple of friends. Two of us got separate orders of the Parrillada, since we could always take the leftovers home, and the third and her two preteen boys had the Carnitas Platter. The boys were quite impressed with what they had (especially the Mexican sodas). I let each of them try a piece of the fried cactus…one liked it, one didn’t. I found everything on the Parrillada to be quite tasty, although I did get flamed by the roasted jalapeno. At least the aguas fresca put it out…

    It was disappointing to see only a few people there at 6 PM on a Saturday night, but hopefully word-of-mouth will increase their business over time. The owner came out and asked how we had found the restaurant, and I explained that we were there because of your review, Eddy. Hopefully reviews like this can help them keep growing, since it’s directly on the way home from work for me and I plan to stop at least every couple weeks to try out more of his menu. Next up, one of each of the gorditas (yeah, I go big or go home…lol).

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