How does California Tortilla rank compared to the other build-your-own restaurants?

They closed down for a bit during the pandemic, but have since reopened with new owners. The Maryland-based chain, California Tortilla, is located at 2244 N. Greenwich Road. The fast-casual restaurant features a build-your-own style setup that’s comparable to Chipotle.

2244 N Greenwich Rd, Wichita, KS 67226

Open Daily 10:30am – 9pm
Sunday: 10:30am – 9pm

Cash/Card Accepted

We stopped by with some friends over lunchtime. Everybody ordered something different. I went with their Taco Tornado Burrito which was a limited time special that included rice, taco beef, queso, pickled jalapenos, avocado, screamin’ sauce, salsa, and lettuce. The lady working was nice enough to tell me that their taco beef had been sitting out for a long time. She suggested changing it to beef at no extra charge due to the quality of the taco beef. I thought that was very nice of her. Megan went with the Bangkok shrimp tacos, while our friends went with some build-your-own creations.

California Tortilla

California Tortilla

California Tortilla

California Tortilla

Unfortunately, everything wasn’t all that good.

For instance, Megan’s Bangkok tacos had shrimp that was overcooked; it was more like blackened shrimp than anything. There was also no appearance of a sweet red chili sauce. They were dry to the bone.

My taco tornado burrito was thick and packed with tons of ingredients. That was the biggest plus of the meal. But with each bite, there was more and more queso which was all you could taste. I suppose that could be a positive for some, but it gave the burrito a rich, heavy, dry feel. I think being less generous with the queso would have let the screamin’ sauce, pickled jalapenos and avocado stand out a bit more to provide a variety of flavors.

As for the other meals, my friends didn’t seem too impressed. The food just felt very uninspired.

The same lady who made my burrito and kindly let me know about the bad taco beef asked how everything was. I was honest in my response and let her know (and see) that the shrimp was burnt and was missing the sauce. Then let her know, “the burrito was”…. then shook my shoulders which clued her in on my opinion. Then right there on the spot, she refunded our meal despite our multiple pushbacks that we were fine with paying for the food.

I wish I caught her name because she was the single bright spot in our visit from the moment we ordered our food to the time we left. When it came to the build-your-own tacos and burrito places in town, Chipotle, Poblanos and Qdoba would rank higher in our opinion.

Here’s their menu:

California Tortilla

California Tortilla

California Tortilla

California Tortilla

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