Shop Local: Jenn’s Emporium of Neat Nerd Stuff

Jenn’s Emporium of Neat Nerd Stuff

Jenn's Emporium of Neat Nerd Stuff

I travel all over town and think I have a good grasp on what’s out there in Wichita. Even with that, there are always surprises popping up, such as Jenn’s Emporium of Neat Nerd Stuff. While browsing through Facebook, I saw someone share a post for the locally owned hobby and gaming store.

For those people who know me, they know I love boardgaming and have quite the collection of games. So, this visit was up my alley.

Jenn’s Emporium of Neat Nerd Stuff has been open since December. They are a hobby gaming store that sells board games, Magic the Gathering, Warhammer and other similar games.

They also have a selection of games you can rent and play for $2 a game. While there are many places out east to play games, there’s not much available in west Wichita.

If you’re into the other types of games, like the aforementioned Warhammer and Magic, this is another option if you’re in the market to buy more.

There are plenty of tables throughout Jenn’s Emporium of Neat Nerd Stuff. People are welcome to bring in their own games and food & drink to hang out and play. Overall, it’s a nice little spot for avid games to have an area to gather.

Plus, if you don’t bring your own food and drink, they do have a limited selection for purchase as well.

Jenn’s Emporium of Neat Nerd Stuff is located at 6106 W. Central Ave. For more information, check them out on Facebook.

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