Shop Local: Kerosene Skate Shop

Kerosene Skate Shop

Kerosene Skate Shop

If you’re into skating or know of someone who is, be sure they know about Kerosene Skate Shop. It’s a locally owned business that specializes in boards, accessories, apparel, and screenprinting.

Located at 111 S. Hydraulic, Kerosene Skate Shop is an all-in-one stop shop that also helps with maintenance and customizations. For instance, I walked in and saw a mother picking up some customer roller skates she ordered that were made from her daughter’s shoes.

Kerosene Skate Shop

If you’re looking for gear to wear, there’s a lot to choose from.

Kerosene Skate Shop

Now I know nothing about skateboarding, not a single thing. My personal experiences in skateboarding started and ended with Skate or Die on the original NES. But when I stopped by, they were super helpful in asking every question I had about the shop.

The bread and butter of the shop appeared to be the skateboards. There you could truly custom-fit and have your boards tailor made. What I enjoyed most was hearing their passion. They were able to convey that in a way that didn’t sound so corporate or forced. The staff wasn’t just a random kid off the street hired to fill a spot. They knew what they were talking about and almost made me want to pick up a skateboard.

Kerosene Skate Shop

Kerosene Skate Shop is located at 111 S. Hydraulic.For more information, check them out on Facebook or visit their website.

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