The Brazilian Food Truck, Brazita Bites Revisited

Brazita Bites

The beauty of the local food truck scene is the variety of food you can get. For instance, one such truck that is truly unique is Brazita Bites. They arrived on the scene almost a couple of years ago and introduced coxinha to the city. It’s a bite size fried dough ball stuffed with meats and cheese that’s native to Brazil. 

As reported earlier, the truck is now working full-time doing events, catering, food truck rallies and more.

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On my visit to Brazita Bites, I ordered everything they still had left in inventory. I had their corn dog bites, coxinha, and little pillows with ham and pepperoni. They do carry a Brazilian empanada called pastels, but they were sold out when I stopped by.

I was given a small-sized pizza box of fried goodness. If you’ve never had them, the coxinha are awesome and incredibly delicious. They are extremely filling than they appear; denser and heavier in feel and texture. They really sneak up on you and fill you up. Needless to say, I over-ordered.

The kids also gave the pillows a try along with the mini corndog bites. This was almost like the perfect food truck food, especially if you’re at events. It’s handheld, easy to carry and very convenient to eat.

There were three sauce options available (ketchup, BBQ sauce and sriracha). I love spicy condiments, so sriracha was what I found to pair best with my food. For what it’s worth, the kids thought BBQ sauce paired best.

Brazita Bites

On top of the fantastic food, the owner is just a good overall dude. He works his tail off and really strives to bring some good to our local food scene. I’ve always had much respect for the Brazita Bites operation and hope you all get a chance to try them in the future. 

Be sure to follow them on Facebook to see where they will be at next…. or even the Wichita Food Truck Schedule page

Here’s the menu:

Brazita Bites

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