There’s no better yard sale than Tacos El Compadre

Tacos El Compadre

Have you ever seen a mobile trailer parked in someone’s front yard selling food? That’s what I came across when I found Tacos El Compadre. It’s a little trailer serving tortas, quesadillas, flautas and more. They are located at 2110 N. Market St. which is just south of 21st St right in the middle of a neighborhood. This is the yard sale I’ve been wanting my whole life.

2110 N. Market St, Wichita, KS 67214

Thursday: 9am – 5pm
Friday – Saturday: 4pm – 11pm
Sunday: 5pm – 9pm
Closed Monday – Wednesday

Cash/Card Accepted

When I arrived, they had a good crowd of people chilling in the front yard where a couple of folding tables were placed. The mobile trailer was just steps from the front door of the house.

There was a crowd of people coming and going throughout the evening. It seemed like everyone was dressed in their Sunday’s best. Meanwhile, there I was in sweatpants and a hoodie.

Tacos El Compadre

Not knowing how big the tacos were, I ordered four tacos. They were $3 a piece which was a little higher than what you see around town. But with everything going up in price, I didn’t have any sticker shock. I had two tripas tacos, one al pastor, and one carne asada. It took maybe 10-15 minutes to get my order. They had an incredible number of orders before me. The place was popping!

The tacos came in a double tortilla with a side of hot red salsa and a guacamole salsa which was extra tasty. Each taco had plenty of protein to go around. My favorite was the tripas tacos. They were grilled and crispy to perfection. Seriously, they were some of the best tripas tacos I’ve come across in town. The carne asada taco was OK, but the al pastor was even better; juicy, slightly sweet and filling.

Tacos El Compadre

After four, I wish I had ordered some more, but more people kept coming to order tacos and the wait was longer. So, I passed, and hope to make it back to try their tortas that people were raving about.

I shouldn’t have been surprised that the tacos would be great. If you see tons of people walking up to someone’s house to get tacos and then crowd their front yard, it’s gotta be good.

Here’s a video look at Tacos El Compadre:

@wichitabyeb Have you ever seen a food truck just parked in someone’s front yard? Well I did and had to stop by to join the party. #fyp #tacotruck #foodtruck #letseat ♬ Emotional Piano for the Soul (Inspirational Background Music) – Fearless Motivation Instrumentals

Here’s the menu:

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